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Unit 4综合练习


     1. a kind of drinks mixed with fruit and yogurt.          

     2. take the skin off          

     3. at last          

     4. put different things together          

     5. examine in order to learn whether some things is correct          


     1. Please p           some milk into the bowl.

     2. Could you please all the i           in the bowl.

     3. People in America like eating p           while w           TV.

 4. Let h           peel the bananas.

     5. What about            (make) a banana smoothie?

     6. They’ll be            (relax) after listening to the music.

7. On T           Day. Americans often have turkeys.

     8. Before having it, please read the i          on the bottle carefully.

     9. My mom made a chicken s           for me last Sunday.

     10. What kind of r           can we put on the chicken.


     1. Please         a teaspoon of sugar         the milk.

   A. add, up         B. added, to          C. adds, up         D. add, to

     2. Can I have        slice of meat?

   A. other           B. the other          C. others           D. another

     3. Cut         the tomatoes and put        on the bread.

   A. into, their       B. up, they           C. up, them         D. into, them

     4.        tomato sauce do I need?

   A. How much      B. How many         C. How            D. How long

     5. Can you tell me how        a chicken salad at home?

   A. make           B. making            C. to make         D. makes


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